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Do you need a floor mat

The waterproof pad has two main functions, moisture-proof and leveling. Wet paving method installed floor heating, concrete is poured after, although there is moisture between the floor heating and the original floor, but there is no moisture between the later cast cement and the floor. When the cement floor has just been cast, the moisture content is more than 25%. After the continuous opening of floor heating, the moisture content in one month can be reduced to less than 10%. If the weight of the newly poured cement in the room is 1 ton, this is 150kg of water, all evaporated, no damp mat to stop, through your floor into the air, your floor is useless. If you left the floor warm for more than a week before installation, that's fine; if not, before you check in for a refill. In addition, there is leveling, floor heating on the pouring of cement are very rough, a lot of particles, if there is no waterproof cushion to do buffer, or after entering into the sound of endless trouble, or particles will be the back of the floor friction out of rupture, moisture into the surface of the floor you will find a drum.


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