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How many is thickness of mat of damp proof of solid mu Fu joins a floor commonly

Wood floor damp proof mat much thicker just reach standard! Actually the ply of wooden floor damp proof mat is in commonly between 3 millimeter, and the function of wooden floor damp proof mat is in with moistureproof and heat preservation, damp proof mat is to have the effect that lie between damp proof, and according to the geographical position of damp proof mat, it not only can moistureproof, still can protect a floor, increase the flexibility of the floor, the foot that lets us feels more comfortable!

When we lay damp proof mat, want to notice the ply of damp proof mat of wooden floor not only, notice the ground environment before laid even, among them to avoid moisture to pass wood floor, we should wooden keel whole is removed, extend wall next laid damp proof mat, but the distance that is stronger than damp proof mat should have 10 centimeters or so! Cover the floor and it will not arch easily


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